Beyond the suspension of disbelief

So I’m reading this e-book that grabbed my attention–a woman must choose between three werewolf brothers. Hot stuff, right? No, not right. Not right at all.

As a lover of all things paranormal, my “suspension of disbelief” threshold is rather large. Vampires, demons, and women who can live with one man for hundreds of years? Yeah, have to be flexible to get into those stories. What I can NOT get into is a story so convoluted, that I find myself quoting it to co-workers to make sure I haven’t lost my mind and yes, someone actually wrote this!

Books written in third-person don’t normally bother me, but the change in narrator from one sentence to the next (not section, or even paragraph, but SENTENCE) became distracting. I understand that in certain situations, it’s best to get the thoughts of multiple characters. Okay, I’m fine with that, just do it in a cohesive, understandable manner!!

The characters…oh, the characters…describing themselves as having 6 pack abs…listing their exact height multiple times, as if I run around saying to myself, “as a 5′ 2″ female”…and their actions! Everything is so important it has exclamation points! And continuity? What’s that?! The female main character has been kidnapped, raped, and brutalized, but when she’s making out with one of the guys who helps her to safety, she’s completely okay with him grabbing her by the hair and forcing a kiss upon her. After waking up next to him naked when they totally didn’t fall asleep that way.

I don’t know about you, but after being raped by multiple men when I was previously a virgin, I wouldn’t feel like even looking at a man.

But oh, the best of the best, was when the bad guy, a man who spent good money BUYING this woman from her drug dealer brother, and then spent good time WHIPPING HER and TYING HER UP in his basement, then RUNNING HER OFF THE ROAD in his car…what does he do?


I’ll let that soak in…

Yes, the Big Bad Guy calls the cops.

*shakes head* This is too much. Way. Too much. And I’m not even halfway through!!

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