Kill Your Heroes

“I say ya kill your heroes and
Fly, fly, baby don’t cry.
No need to worry cause
Everybody will die.
Every day we just
Go, go, baby don’t go.
Don’t you worry we
Love you more than you know.”
I love Awolnation more than words can describe and have had “Kill Your Heroes” stuck in my head ever since hearing about some recent internet drama. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about ask. If you do know then you know why I’m not going into details. If you don’t give a shit that’s fine too!)
It’s funny because when I first wrote Love You to Death, I killed off Marcus, one of the main characters. Jill, my protagonist, straight up merked him with a lamp then turned to her best friend and cracked a joke. It felt like the natural thing to do. The story is about two best friends who have a nasty habit of killing their husbands after all. What made Marcus special? Why did he get to live?
Those questions made reality smack me in the face – what did make Marcus special? Why would Jill spare him when she’d killed so many others?
Love You to Death is a much better book because of those two simple questions. There’s actual depth to it now. Yes, it’s full of drinking and smoking and foul-mouthed women, but it has heart and character and, at times, depth. There’s a real connection between Jill and Marcus and I would have lost that if I’d stuck to my original plan.
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