Yes but where is the rum?

De Niro DancingI Google myself on occasion. Yup, that’s right. I type my own name in that bad boy and hit search. It’s how I found out I was nominated for a Shorty Award. Sometimes, mentions of a certain topic fall through the cracks even when you have a Google Alert set up. It’s possible I set up the alert incorrectly – hell, some days I wonder how I walk and breathe at the same time – and sometimes I’m just having a bad day and I like to see “Jackie Uhrmacher – Author” pop up on my computer screen. It puts a smile on my oft-morose face.

Today I needed a boost. I’ve had a bad run of it – concussion, broken laptop, twisted ankle, suspended child, YOU GET THE POINT – so I ran my slightly-egotistical search. Folks, it’s finally happened. I’ve been PIRATED! Love You to Death is on two pirating sites that I found.

What the ever-loving hell?

On one hand, this is an aspect of being a published author I can mark off the list of “Things That Happen to Authors That Make Them Want to Scream.” But on the other hand, my damn book is being pirated!

I’ve contacted both companies and am ready to e-beat the living hell out of someone. So how’s everyone else’s Hump Day?

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