80 Day Obsession Week 1 Recap

Today was Day 6 of 80 Day Obsession, and I am ready to foam roll and reflect on how everything has changed in such a short amount of time. 

  • I’ve made it six days without using an excuse to not workout. I came up with plenty. I pressed pause several times. But I never stopped, and I never gave up.
  • Even though I was eating healthy for most of the day before the program, my eating habits were still shit. I can see a huge difference between then and now. Between the hours of 10:00 PM and when you go to bed still count toward your health, my friends, no matter how badly we want them not to.
  • There are muscles in your upper ass that will make it difficult to do just about anything. You’ll work those muscles every single day of this program.
  • I can do a legit pushup. Success!
  • Cardio Flow is what happens when evil manifests into a workout.

I recorded a video with a few more succinct points, a threat of eating my children, and some advice for fitness newbies.

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