80 Day Obsession Week 2 Sample Meal Plan

My meal plan is always fluctuating, but I like having a general idea of what to expect. This is my sample meal plan for week 2 of 80 Day Obsession. A blank meal plan and my plan for week one can be found in the same file in different worksheets. I’m following plan B, but these can easily be altered to accommodate any of the plans. The days I eat each meal will likely change. One of the dinner options might be pushed until next week. Planning in advance gives me the freedom to make those last minute changes without it throwing my entire week out of whack. An added benefit to keeping everything in one file is that I can snag recipes from previous weeks.

The recipe for the Greek Salad is located here. A compilation of recipes from the previous week of 80 Day Obsession is here. It will be updated periodically.

If you’re having problems with specific meals or container combinations, leave a comment. One of the things I’ve learned as a mother of three boys is how to throw together meals with creative combinations.

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