80 Day Obsession Week 3 Sample Meal Plan

Week 2 was a bit of a struggle mentally and physically. I didn’t prep in advance like I did the first week, and I paid for it. Meals were more stressful and spread out longer which made them not as satisfying. I created my meal plan for week 3 to get me back on track, time-wise. Nutritionally, I’ve stuck to this plan better than expected. Once you train yourself to expect to eat every 2 – 3 hours, its easy for it to become adjusted. It’s your personal schedule that is more difficult to account for. 

Week 3’s plan can be downloaded here as a PDF or here as a writable Excel file. Several selections are repeated to make meal prep easier. I love spinach, so it’s been included in these recipes since day 1. Any vegetable can be subbed for it. The wonderful thing about these selections is that they’re easy to customize.

I’ve already published recipes for the Breakfast Burritos, Tuna Sandwich, Turkey Wrap, and Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos. Recipes for the other items will be posted soon.

We’re almost done with Phase 3. Keep focused and remember: fail to plan and plan to fail!

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