Let’s Talk About These Jeans

Pre-Victor Jeans

Let’s talk about these jeans.

They’ve been in storage for close to three years. I packed them up with all my fun, skinny clothes when I got pregnant with my now two year-old. Seventy pounds and two babies later and I thought I’d never squeeze my ass into them.

I tried last month. Between running and working out sporadically, I’d lost 40 pounds. The jeans belonged in the middle range of clothes I used to fit in, so I was hopefully. A lot of work had gone into losing baby weight, and I was sure it was enough.

It wasn’t. Those bad boys barely scraped past my thunder thighs and no way in hell were they going over my child-bearing hips.

Today I felt bold. I’ve been killing it with 80 Day Obsession, the workout program I started January 15th. It’s Day 19 and I upped my weights by 10 pounds. I made it two weeks with sick children. I. Was. Unstoppable!

But a little voice in the back of my head whispered dark little nothings to me. I was still too big. Those extra ten pounds on the weights weren’t enough. Following the meal plan was useless and I should have hoarded all the cookies and eaten them in a corner while hissing at anyone who tried to take one.

One of the best things I’ve learned in the last few weeks is to Shut. That. Voice. Down.

I smashed it under my shoe and I put on the damn jeans AND THEY FIT!

In three weeks, they went from Hell No to Hell Yes.

So let’s talk about these jeans. Do you have a symbolic pair of clothing you’ve been itching to get into?

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