Before picture

Healthy choices have never been my strong suit. I spent the majority of my life unable to run a lap around a track or able to climb a flight of stairs without begging for death.

Cigarettes, junk food, and Pepsi were my best friends. I looked good on the outside, so I didn’t focus too closely on the inside. Then came babies two and three, pictured on the left. Between the two of them, I gained close to 100 pounds. My outside finally matched my inside: unhealthy and struggling to survive.

Weight has always been a sensitive issue. My mother was a heavy woman, both
in heart and body. She tried all the fad diets but nothing ever stuck. Her weight fluctuated wildly, and eventually, her body shut down. I promised myself I wouldn’t let that happeAfter picturen to me. I’d do everything I could to be around long enough to watch my children and grandchildren prosper.

I had to make a choice: continue to live my easy, unhealthy lifestyle or make some serious alterations to avoid my mother’s fate.

It hasn’t been easy. Working out will never be something I love. The call of junk food still rings loudly. Focus and dedication are what separates the me on the left with the me on the right.

I’m a work in progress. Join me on my journey.