Two Years, One Death

Wow…two years since I’ve posted anything on this glorious little blog…oh how you’ve changed Blogger! It’s like I barely know you.

This blogger will, very soon, evolve into an actual ::gasp:: website. I did this crazy thing over the weekend (published a book) without much forethought (procrastination is my bitch) as to Marketing. I was focused on fulfilling one of two demands made by my now-deceased mother: publish my goddamn book (her words not mine).

Immortalized in the poorly written word.

September 22nd marked the one-year death-versary of my crazy, loud-mouthed, amazing mother. Everything I learned about snark, sass, and style came from her. And this, folks, is why I chose September 22nd to publish my novella, Love You to Death. I wrote it when my mom was still able to hold a computer without her hands giving out, and she made me promise her that, some day, I’d do something with it.

This one’s for you, mom.

Killing husbands is a hobby for best friends Jill O’Connor and Elle Cooper. A Mechanic (think John Travolta minus the cool factor), a closet Nazi, a prick, a dullard, and a playboy fall at their hands. Everything changes when Jill marries Marcus Reed, husband number four. Eight years after they first meet and three months into the marriage, she doubts whether she actually wants to kill him or not. While pondering this dilemma, she and Elle discover they aren’t as clever as they think. Marcus knows about their past, always has. If that isn’t bad enough, he’s in league with Elle’s new boyfriend, Rhys Xavier. A dark comedy of errors, Love You to Death follows Jill and Elle as they search for true love, and kill anything that gets in their way. 

Available in print at Amazon, via Kindle and Nook.

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